The Fine Art Photographic Portrait.

Because everyone needs a GREAT SHOT. TM

For Business, Personal, Institution & Social Media

(Plus, a portrait makes a most distinctive gift!)

Princess Lynn Von Furstenberg

"An accomplished handling

of light make Lance Evans

photographs very successful!"

— Phyllis Braff, NY Times

"Lance and I had a good rapport.

The shoot was relaxed and fun."

"Choosing The Right Photographer"

—Tony Reinhold, Backstage

"Lance Evans is an

internationally known
photographer and artist."

CreativeBloq Magazine

It's been said that my style of portraiture is both elegant and timeless. That my lighting brings out the very best in my subjects.

The portraitist must capture the essence of his subjects.
This is the difference between a portrait, and a snapshot.

I specialize in "environmental portraits".  This means photographing the subject in their favorite environment:  at home, work, on their yacht, or even in Times Square at night. (My midtown studio is always a great option as well!)

Every session is unique. Your session will be unique as well.

I've photographed royalty and celebrities. The famous and the infamous. And people from more traditional walks of life. Every portrait is a celebration of my client.

It's all about you.

      Portfolio (click to view)

My clients have included many celebrities, those in the social scene, Broadway legends, business titans, and creative giants.


Every new portrait session is just as exciting to me as it is for my clients. Each one is an opportunity to work with someone new,
and create something special.

What does a portrait session include?

CONSULTATION:  An portrait session starts with a consultation days or weeks before the actual photography. We will go over all the details.

PHOTO SHOOT:  Your photo session is not rushed. I allow as much as four hours for a location session (not including transportation time).  And I allot as much as two hours for a studio session. More time can be arranged.

POST EDIT SESSION: The next step is editing the images and choosing the best shots. I'll work with you in going through the photos.

PRIVATE ONLINE GALLERY:  The edited session will be posted to a private online gallery, and includes a complete set of medium-resolution images.

RETOUCHING:  A half hour of digital retouching is included for the shot of your choosing.

FINE ART PRINT:  One 11'x14" fine art print is included in the location package.

About Lance Evans

My studio now celebrates over 25 years of providing photography and related video and graphics services to portrait, corporate and commercial clients. My work has hung in galleries, museums, auction houses. I've been written up and appeared in The New York Times, Art in America, Art Business News Magazine, ArtSpeak Magazine, and been published all over the world in books, magazines, and major ad campaigns.

I originally trained as a fine art painter and printmaker at The National Academy of Fine Art & Design. I later became a “Master Printmaker” for world famous artists Erté, Moser and McKnight, before producing my own editions. Which I did for The Latin Quarter, Moët & Chandon, Saks Fifth Avenue and others.

Oddly, I didn't discover the camera until my early-twenties. But within a few months I racked up a string of gallery and museum showings, leading to many early reviews. My lifelong passion for photography had begun, and has stayed with me.


I look forward to working with you!

By appointment only. No walk-ins please.


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