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by Lance Evans

I've written:

Books that I've gotten to see at Barnes & Nobles.

For magazines that I've gotten to see on newsstands.

Advertising that I've seen on billboards in Times Square.

Top articles for online magazines read by millions.

The scripts for award-winning educational DVDs.


I'm really liking this writing thing.




CreativeBloq Magazine (online)

Hugely Popular Design, Creative & Communications Pub

Over 9 million readers each month

Tenure since launch in 2013

I've produced over 60 articles for CB, plus special features and art/photography.
Topics include a range of creative techniques, advertising, varied technology including audio/video gear, business, marketing subjects, and opinions.

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Art Business News

35 yr old industry leading Fine Arts Magazine

Tenure since 2013


In the three short years I've been writing for ABN magazine, I have produced feature articles that include an exposé on the auction industry. This involved interviewing the CEOs, Presidents and Chairmen of the Board of international auction houses Christie's, Bonhams and Swan Galleries.  [ CLICK TO VIEW PDF ]


Other articles have been on business and marketing, LinkedIn, and the high end of online art sales featuring interviews with the top people at 1st Dibs, Amazon Fine Art, Saatchi Fine Art.



3D World Magazine

World's Largest Computer Graphics Magazine

~35,000 monthly readers of print edition

Tenure since 2000

A beautiful over-sized glossy magazine. I've been producing articles on art and animation techniques, and reviews of major software packages from Adobe and others for 3D World since 2000. This has included many feature articles - some being 8-pagers, their longest format. A recent cover story of mine was on building a workstation. I worked with Sony, Asus, Samsung and other top vendors.





MaximumPC Magazine

Leading computer tech magazine

Over 800,000 readers each month

Tenure since 2014

One of the highest read tech magazines in the US market, it produces a traditional print magazine, an online magazine, and even tablet and topic specific editions. I've written articles for each of these formats. The subject matter covering software reviews, tutorials, and hardware articles.


StageBuddy Magazine

NY Theater Arts Online Magazine

Tenure since inception in 2009


One of the most active alternative theater sites, Stagebuddy covers Broadway, Off-Broadway, and a range of events in NYC and the immediately surrounding vicinity.

I've written reviews and critical opinion pieces for the publication. Most active 2009-2014.




NEWLIFE Magazine

Health, Food & Lifestyle

A Quarter-Million Readers/Northeast Dist.

Author and Editor-in-Chief


I was brought on as Art and Production Director, and quickly became the Editor-in-Chief, and regularly contributing author. During my tenure, Newlife Magazine reached its lifetime peak readership of around 250,000.

I wrote on the subjects of health, food and positive lifestyle choices. As Editor, I worked with and oversaw all contributing texts, and as Art Director, I designed and produced virtually all content.

NOTE:  I have a background in nutrion and have formally studied vegetarian and Macrobiotic food preparation with Michio Kushi at the Kushi Institute.



Delmar/Cengage/Charles River

Major Trade & Educational Books

Book Author



I have written and illustrated large (500+ pages) books for this publisher, and contributed to other books where I was not the sole author.

I have also produced sections and chapters and other content for Elsevier and Wordware publishers.





3DNY Publishing

Author/Designer of Interactive DVD

Active from 2000-20006



In addition to author, I was the founder of 3DNY Publishing. I developed an interactive publishing system for which ELECTRONIC PUBLISHING MAGAZINE named us to their "20 TOP INSPIRED PUBLISHERS" list.

Our educational DVDs were well reviewed, sold internationally to customers in over 100 countries, and included in many respected specialty libraries, like those owned by Sony and Industrial Light & Magic.




Working on special projects, I've had my work appear in many other publications, on a less than regular basis. Some of them are shown below.


The National Academy of Fine Art

The Art Students League of NY

Parsons School of Design

School of Visual Art



Reviews and mentions of my artwork in:

The New York Times ARTS Section, Art in America, Artspeak, Backstage Mag, etc.

Master Printer at Atelier Chromacomp:

Working on editions for Erte, Moser, McKnight, etc.

Master Photographic Printer at Duggal Labs

Assistant to HASHI, the world-famous still life photographer

Produced commemorative limited edition prints for:

Moet & Chandon, The Latin Quarter Nightclub, Saks 5th Ave.

Various single and groups shows in museums and galleries.

The NEW Museum - Worked in promotions/marketing division.

Retail Fine Art Sales - Worked at galleries in Soho and on Madison Ave.

Briefly assisted Richard Bernstein and Andy Warhol (very briefly!)



I have taught, lectured, planned curriculum, for the following edu institutions:

The Association of the Graphic Arts of NY

The Mac Learning Center

Apple Computer

Produced/hosted a lecture series on digital art for over 2 years at

Apple Marketing, Citicorp Building, with up to 300 attendees.

The Maine Media Workshops

Working with founder David Lyman on designing curriculum




In addition to my writing, I have a day job as Creative Director of Food Media | NY. It's a food industry advertising and marketing company in NYC, featuring the only food photography studio with kitchen in midtown Manhattan. [LINK TO FOOD MEDIA]




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