It's been said that my style of portraiture is
both elegant and timeless. That my lighting
brings out the very best in my subjects.




The portraitist must capture the essence of his subjects.
This is the difference between a portrait, and a snapshot.




I specialize in environmental portraits.  This means photographing the subject in their favorite environment:  at home, work, or maybe even
Times Square at night. Each session is unique.

I've photographed royalty and celebrity.

The famous and the infamous. And people from more traditional walks of life. Every portrait is a celebration

of my client. It's all about you.

Bookings & Contact

What does a session include?

                                      All of the following:

CONSULTATION:  An portrait session starts with a consultation days/weeks before the actual photography. We will go over all the details, and the planning.

PHOTO SHOOT:  Your photo session is not rushed. I allow as much as three hours for a location session. (This includes transport, and time for multiple set ups.)

I allot as much as two hours for a studio session. More time can be arranged, if needed for additional subjects.

POST EDIT SESSION:  Next step is editing the images and choosing the best shots. I'll work with you in going through the photos.

This can be done the same day, or another. The session can also be posted to a private online gallery for you to view at home.

RETOUCHING:  Basic high-res digital retouching of your best shot is included.

FINE ART PRINT: I include a fine art print of your retouched image.

A location session is just $595.
A studio session is $395.

A 50% deposit is required for booking.

Make up artists are available for sessions, at an additional fee.

ON LOCATION:  I am happy to accommodate a range of location sessions. The fee is based on travel of under 30 minutes each way from my east midtown office.

IN STUDIO:   I maintain a wonderful shooting studio in east midtown Manhattan which may be a preferable option for many clients, especially those from out of town.

E-MAIL PREFERRED:  As I am frequently in session, email is the preferred way to reach me. It will be replied to faster than voicemail. If you wish me to call you back, please include your phone number.

If you are running late to a session, please do call. The number is 646-789-7785.

CANCELLATIONS:  Life happens, I get it.
If you find you need to cancel a scheduled session, please do so via email at least 72 hours prior to your appointment.

I will work with you to arrange a new appointment for your session some time within the following 30 days.


My work has hung in galleries, museums, auction houses, been written up and appeared in The New York Times, Art in America, Art Business News Magazine, ArtSpeak Magazine, and been

published all over the world in books, magazines, and major ad campaigns.

I originally trained as a fine art painter and printmaker at The National Academy of Fine Art & Design, and The Art Student’s League of New York. I later became a “Master Printmaker” for world famous artists Erté, Moser and McKnight, before producing my own editions.

Oddly, I didn't discover the camera until my mid-twenties. But within a few months I racked up a string of gallery and museum showings, leading to many early reviews. My lifelong passion for photography had begun, and has stayed with me.

I am the author of numerous books and educational DVDs on the graphic arts, literally hundreds of articles for arts magazines, an art education consultant to many schools, and co-produced years of creative seminars with Apple Computer.

I look forward to working with you!


2014 © Lance Evans

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Every new session is just as exciting to me as it is for my clients. Each one is an opportunity to work with someone new, and create something special.

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